Established in March 2013, RG& P Crushing Plant started out as a sole proprietorship under the management and supervision of Ms. Jesusa P. Gella. In late 2013, after the installation of additional power sources in the immediate and neighboring areas, Plant 1 was converted from a mechanical to an electric plant. To address the increasing requirements of our clients, the upgrading of our first plant and the construction of our second plant soon started In October 2014, RG & P Crushing Plant was converted from a sole proprietorship to a corporation under the name of RG & P Trading and Development Corporation. The company however, is still operating under the business name of RG&P Crushing Plant so that its name is compatible with the nature of business it is engaged in.


Our mission is to provide the highest level of satisfaction to our clients and customers in the power generation, feeds manufacturing and construction industries by processing our raw material within a framework of sustainability; and by ensuring the production and delivery of high grade processed limestone.


We envision a stable and sustained company and operations performance; resistant to challenges in the mining and processing industry; consistent with supply demands and projected shortfalls; and resolute and unflappable whilst understanding of the importance and uses of limestone are growing.